Aftercare Guide

How to get the most out of your Cyber Gaming Chair

We want you to enjoy your Cyber Gaming chair for as long as you are sitting! cleaning and maintaining your Cyber Gaming chair is very simple and easy:

Cleaning and Maintenance

We recommend cleaning your chair (PU Leather & Velvet) with a slightly damped cloth every week or so, just to ensure any residual moisture, dirt or stains can be properly removed, this will ensure your chair is kept shining, and looking like new!

Consult the Assembly Guide

Improper use can damage your chair, or worse, cause injuries. Only use your chair for sitting or relaxation purposes.

Try not to sweat on it

We understand situations may get heated, however, exposure to natural perspiration is harmful to the PU leather’s coating, as this may cause degrading and potentially vulnerable to easy tearing of the leather – We recommend removing perspiration and dirt by regularly cleaning the PU leather with a regular slightly-damped household cloth. The Velvet chair can be cleaned with a dry cloth or a thin bristled brush to wipe away any clingy residue.

Keep away from ALL liquids

Any form of liquid or moisture can cause damage to both the PU leather and Velvet upholstery. We recommend cleaning up any spills or splashes as soon as possible to avoid any long-term staining or discoloration (do not use direct heat to drive the moisture away and avoid using any/all corrosive cleaning substances such as bleach – a dry cloth will suffice).

Don't over work it

We expect our chairs to stand a fair bit of RAGE! But we recommend not using the chair for any other means apart from sitting, keep the chair well away from any stairwells, uneven ground, sharp objects and be well aware of your immediate environment when manoeuvring.

Humans only

It is best to keep pets away from your chair(s) as they may cause unwanted damage to the upholstery in the forms of bite marks, scratches and other mechanical damage so take care when both in use and not in use.

Operating and Mechanisms

Refer back to the Assembly Guide on how to operate the chair safely and ensure to keep well away from any moving mechanism and to report any damages directly to us as we are strict on self-operation (this may void your warranty), we recommend checking these every 6 months to ensure fluidity as well to fasten all bolts to ensure complete functionality.

Any damage caused due to negligence or improper use can and will void any warranty/returns claim, please contact us for further information in relation to the aftercare of your chair(s):

Keep a PDF guide handy and at a moments notice (Aftercare Guide)