Affiliation Programme - Terms

Affiliate Marketing Program Participation Policy (this ​policy​) forms part of the ​Cyber Gaming AffiliateMarketing Program Agreement​ (the ​agreement​), whose terms and conditions you electronicallyaccepted when you clicked on the “Accept” button at the ​registration page​ of the Cyber Gaming AffiliateMarketing Program (the ​Program​). We designed the Program for Affiliates to promote Cyber Gaming’s products which we form solely on our sites (the ​Products​) through our legitimate channels of influence. This policy is meant to support the fairoperation of the Program in support of the Program objective.


You agree to uphold all contracts set-out by Cyber Gaming and understand that we may at our discretion terminate any set contract prior to giving clear notice if You are found to be infringing/exploiting/wrongfully breaching the terms of the Cyber Gamers Affiliations Programme policy & agreement.  If you promote the Products using methods we believe, in our sole discretion, breaches the letter or spiritof the Program, we reserve the right to permanently withhold any and all fees otherwise payable to youunder the terms of the agreement.

You agree to maintain and positively represent Cyber Gaming as set-out in the contract agreed upon. You may/may not be eligible to return to the programme if you have previously been forfeited.

Legal Age

Only adults capable of forming a contract are allowed to participate in the Program. If you do not have the capacity to form a contract, you must obtain your parent’s or legal guardian’s consent to join as anCyber Gamer Affiliate. The program is strictly not open to anyone below the age of 16, regardlessif your parent or legal guardian consents to your participation in the Program.

Product Eligibility

The Program is designed to promote only specified products listed on our websites

Strict Use of Cyber Gaming Trademarks and Copyright

You must follow the ​Guidelines for Using Cyber Gaming Trademarks and Copyright​ when using the Affiliate Link and any content that we provided to you. Your platforms must also comply. You may use the Content solely for the ​positive promotion of the Products​ through legal and valid channels of influence. You shall not use any of the Content, or any other logo, trade names, trademarks, service marks, tradedress, get ups, images, creatives or any other content or materials owned or licensed to Cyber Gaming or any of its affiliates or licensors or a variant, misspelling, takeoff, abbreviation, phonetic or foreign language equivalent of any of the foregoing (collectively, the ​Controlled Marks​) to create Cyber Gaming look-alike site that suggests or gives the visitor the impression that your website, publication, channel or account(collectively, your ​platform​) is affiliated with Cyber Gaming. Your platform shall not in any way copy or resemble the look and feel of any Cyber Gaming Sites or content ,and you shall not create the impression that your platform is part of Cyber Gaming’s network of sites. You shall not “frame” or permit the “framing” of any page of Cyber Gaming’s network of sites. We may lock your Program Account immediately and withhold payment of any and all commissions without further notice if you fail to remove any Controlled Mark from your platforms upon request.

Content Creation

If you need to create or develop any works that incorporate any of the Content, you must comply with theGuidelines for Using Cyber Gaming Trademarks and Copyright​. If your Content requirements are not met bywhat we have made available to you, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Unlawful Acts

You shall not engage in any activity, and your platform shall not include content, in each case, that has the potential to harm our customers, employees, operations or reputation. Cyber Gaming has the sole discretion to decide if your activities or content violates this Program Policy. The following are examples of activities and content that breach the terms of this Program. If you are found guilty of breaching any Unlaw Acts then we may be completely advised to pass your details onto the local law enforcement agencies in which you are situated. This list is not exhaustive and Cyber Gaming reserves the right to modify or add to this list:

  • Target consumers or visitors who are below the age of 8 or easily influenced, or maintain strict mental capacity.
  • Cause any purchases to be made that are not in good faith, deceiet or the use of intimidation.
  • Posting false, inaccurate, defamatory, slanderous, or misleading content or statements about Cyber Gaming and/or its products or services
  • Sending unsolicited commercial mail or indiscriminate advertising, including without limitation, failing to comply with the laws and regulations governing the sending of commercial mail.
  • Altering the Affiliate Link to allow you to: (a) collect personal data or information of visitors that would allow you to personally identify the individual visitors; or (b) obscure the site from which the visitor is referred, including the use of link cloaking, asp/php redirects and/or links shortening services not provided by Cyber Gaming;
  • Hosting, posting, advocating or promoting pornographic or obscene content, tasteless images, excess violence or hate, discrimination, illegal content or any criminal activity.
  • Collecting personal information in breach of the data protection or privacy laws of any jurisdiction that apply to you or your platforms;
  • Intercepting, diverting or redirecting internet traffic to or from any other website, or that potentially enables the diversion of affiliate commissions from another website, including, without limitation, the use of toolbars, browser plug-ins, extensions and add-ons or attempting to do any of the foregoing;
  • Infringing any person’s intellectual property rights, including without limitation, Cyber Gaming intellectual property rights.
  • Driving Traffic & Promoting

    We expect you to promote the Products through your channels of existing channels of influence and not through the use of click exchanges, banner exchanges or paid search advertising. You may not at all tamper or exploit the use of Cyber Gaming to influence your own activity as this agreement is solely the purpose of driving traffic through to Cyber Gaming. You must also acknowledge and agree that You ​shall not:

    • Use direct linking to Cyber Gaming Sites from any paid advertising;
    • Engage in any form of retargeting or remarketing to Cyber Gaming’s customers to encourage them tovisit your platforms;
    • Use Cyber Gaming, Cyber Gamingchairs, or any of their derivatives in ad copy that is shownon a search engine, including uses of dynamic keyword insertion.

    Online Activity

    You should actively promote the Products through your platforms if you desire to receive commissionsfor valid purchases. If you have been inactive for at least six months (without a valid reason), we have the right to deem yourinactivity as your instructions to withdraw You from our Cyber Gamers Affiliation Program. In such an event, we will send you ane-mail to the e-mail address that is in your Cyber Gamers Account and our notice of your withdrawal from theProgram shall be effective immediately.We have the right to terminate your access to the Cyber Gamers Account within 14 days of sending you thewithdrawal notice. You may at your own discretion remove all of our Content from your platforms within this 14-day period.Please bare in mind you will still be under this agreement and not in any way cause detrimental effect to Cyber Gaming and infringe any usage especially in relation to our Content on any of your platforms as this may constitutetrademark and/or copyright infringement and unfair competition, and we reserve all rights to enforce ourrights against You.

    Any dispute made will be subject to full proceeding and we will uphold any unfair usage/exploitation of your Cyber Gamers Affiliation Programme.

    For more information, please contact us at: