Affiliation Programme

Apply to join our ever-growing Cyber Gamers’ community, where we partner with gamers across the globe in promoting, sharing and enjoying our Gaming Chairs with both fans and partners alike. Successful candidates will join our exclusive Cyber Gamers’ affiliation programme!

So, what are the perks you ask?

  • Enjoy a free Cyber Gaming chair;
  • Earn exclusive discounts on all future Cyber Gaming products;
  • Promote and earn rewards and commission payments sold through your unique affiliation code;
  • Potential collaboration with Cyber Gaming on designing your very own unique gaming chair and merchandise;
  • Sounds interesting? Want to join? Please feel free to send us your information for us to review and our team will endeavour get back to you!

Please note that due to number of requests not every candidate will be successful – we will write to you to confirm you have been accepted:

Affiliations Programme policy